29 Jun 2021

Sign up to be part of a volunteer team in Mitcham this summer

Can you recall the excitement of the rides, the smell of candy floss and the music on the merry-go-round?

Mitcham Fair is regarded as one of the oldest in England, reputably having been granted a Royal Charter by Elizabeth I, and is held in fond memory by people of all ages. Made possible by a National Lottery Heritage Fund grant of £67,400 raised by National Lottery players, All the Fun of the Fair! focuses on the heritage of Mitcham Fair, the people who run it and those who remember it. This multimedia heritage project will look at the role of fairgrounds in society, the variety of entertainments on offer over the years, and will bring together both the memories of Showmen and of the local fair-goers, to create an audio trail, film and animations created by local young people to be enjoyed for future generations.


Digital Drama is looking for people who can recall the excitement of the rides, the smell of candy floss and the music on the merry-go-round, to record their memories. Volunteers who would like to learn the skills of interviewing and audio recording will also be crucial in the creation of this multimedia project, celebrating one of London’s favourite fairgrounds. Contact Digital Drama on 07525 205148 or email info@digitaldrama.org for more information about getting involved. 

Local partners supporting All the Fun of the Fair! include Merton Heritage & Local Studies Centre, Clarion Housing, The Showmen’s Guild of Great Britain, Canons House & Grounds, SHINE and The Green Arts Centre. All the Fun of the Fair! will be featured at Mitcham Heritage Day in September 2021 at Canons House & Grounds and activities will run through until November 2021.