9 Sep 2020

47 years of volunteering and counting

Volunteering during lockdown has become somewhat of the ‘norm’ for people in Merton. For Harry, this has been the ‘norm’ for over 47 years.

Harry was given the opportunity to swim when he joined the RAF in 1954 - which is when his passion and love for swimming began.

He went on to swim at the highest levels, which led him to train other service men from the Army, Navy, Airforce and even the SAS.

When Harry left the RAF, he continued swimming at the local Wimbledon Swimming Club and eventually achieved his coaching qualification and decided to start his own club. That’s when Merton Pisces Swimming Club was born.

Harry is now 81, still coaching and is running 95% of the club, with some support from a few helpers. It has been over 47 years since he started the club, and 60 years since he started coaching. In that time Harry has taught thousands of people from all walks of life.

James, a parent of a former club member said: “Harry has always run his club on an entirely voluntary basis, giving all his teaching time, doing the administration and coach driving for free. Even after over 40 years, Harry is as passionate now as he always has been about running the club and keeping to its founding principles of equality and affordability.”

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